Friday, May 8, 2009

other things to do. (may resolution)

This month, I would like to take a break from all this running and just enjoy all that this place has to offer...

So what's in store for may then?

More bike rides....possibly to and from work?

(bike path through the center of campus)

A trip to Big Creek. (that's today!)
Day hikes at Arroyo Seco Gorge
Castle Rock State Park
Lots of Body Farm Shows
Vegas :)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Couldn't resist...

I'm moving to the east coast in July to start Graduate School, and I'm pretty nervous that the weather and demanding classes will mean less running.

So to make sure that I don't skip out on my favorite routine, I signed up for my second marathon.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

so... what's next?

Fortunately, I've de-railed my post-marathon blues by having another race lined up this weekend.

I'm running a 200 mile relay race from Calistoga to Santa Cruz.

Meet the runners here.

more marathon memories

Marathon weekend wouldn't have been so memorable if we didn't get to spend time with our friends Chuck and Liz. We spent most of Saturday in the Monterey Bay Aquarium, took a drive along the coastline, consumed a carb-loaded dinner and caught the first half of alvin and the chipmunks on HBO.

This is me the night before the race, testing out the warm clothes to wear at the start. I left these on the course, and the marathon crew picked up them up and donated them to charity.

I couldn't have been happier to see Unkle Karl, Mimi, Adam, Kylie, Ken, Chuck, Liz and Mike at the finish line! Here are some shots from Unkle Karl

Before you start the race you can leave your things in a bag at the start line and they truck it to the finish for you. Here they are all lined up

Post race snack basket: muffin, strawberries, carrots, grapes, peanut butter cookie...

having a rest while ken drinks a tall glass of michelob ultra...available at the finish line for "runners only".

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I finished!

Overall: 1388 out of 3078
Women: 407 out of 1242
F 25-29: 89 out of 219
Finish: 4:25:32
Pace: 10:08
Half: 2:14:50
Pace: 10:18

Check out some pics from marathonfoto

Here are a few that Fred took

Sunday, April 26, 2009

See you at the finish line!

Andrew Molera State Park, Big Sur CA. July 2007.

A BIG Thank you to all of you who have supported my efforts to raise money for Parkinson's Disease through this race!

Mom, Dad, Jack, Terry, Fred, Uncle Manny, Adelia, Rosa, Tanya, Kevin, Andrea, Taylor, Cheryl, Anna, Clara, Becky, Steve, Mackenzie, and Austin!

I'm off and running! Love you so much!

Friday, April 24, 2009

rethinking the wall.

fallen log and clover spiral.
big creek reserve, big sur. may 2008.

On sunday, I will push my body to an impossible limit. I'll get to a point where I will feel every muscle. Where every step will hurt. I'll hit my wall and spend every painstakingly ssssssllllow second that passes trying to cope with the awful realization of how incredibly hard I have to work to get to the finish line.

Oddly enough, I expect to feel very alive in this moment.

Maybe it's that my heart is racing at a magnificent speed when I'm running...the rush of adrenaline, and an onslaught of dormant chemical reactions happening in my body feel really good... erhh maybe it's not that fancy. maybe I'm just plain old tired, losing it, and in reasoning sadistic pleasures, the reason is always the same.

Being able to control my body on the brink of absolute panic is a dangerously addictive high.